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There are hundreds of Forex Manuals, Forex Seminars, Forex Signals and Forex Robots (EA). These are sold at minimum of $100 up to sometimes $4,000 a piece, most of them sold at $300 to $500.


  • It doesn't generate the profit like they claimed...
  • It is too difficult to use and useless...
  • The result they show on their sales page is 100X better than my result...
  • Back test result is great but real trade is aweful...
  • etc.

Everybody has such a bad experience from these Forex systems.

You can try it before you buy!

Please try this system for FREE before you pay a penny to those systems that you don't even know if it is real or not. All you need is an email address to receive this system and Forex demo account to test it.

Have you ever wished you could trade like a professional Forex traders? You are not alone. Many traders around the world thought the same thing, and that's how this system was invented.

To be frank, this system will generate a huge profit you never dreamed of! This system will make all Forex robots and systems obsolete!

First, please see this screen shot.

No1 Forex Trader Performance

This image above shows one professional Forex trader's past performance. This trader is No 1 in the ranking on October 26th. In only 6 months from April to October, he generated 55,427 Pips. In other words, you could have profited over $576,800 profit in 6 months.

No21 Forex Trader Performance

This is the 21st Forex trader in the ranking. In only about 2 months from August to October, it generated 13,705 Pips. That is $146,159 profit in only 2 months!

No156 Forex Trader Performance

This is a trader on 156th in the ranking. In only 6 months of trading from May to October, it generated 13,972 Pips. That is $144,941 profit in only 6 month!

What if you can trade exactly the same way as these professional traders? Don't you think it will be very exciting?

These traders are only few example. What if you can check the performance of hundreds of professional Forex traders, and copy the trade as it happens in real time? What if everything is done completely automatic? Yes, it is possilbe with my system. And best of all, its totally free.

Dear Forex Traders,

All you need is a 10 minites of your time.

I will show you something you never seen before.

Something big.

Something amazing.

This will change your life... forever.

You will soon find out what this system is all about, how powerful it is, and best of all, how you can test it for FREE before you even put down a penny.

There are hundreds of Forex products available online today. I have at least purchased 10 of them.

  • $1,000 became $30,000 in few month...
  • No loss cut is necessary...
  • You can make 1 million dollars in 1 year...
  • 2000 Pips in 1 day...
  • list goes on...

Traders purchase these products, put their hard earned money to trade, then loose almost everything...Everytime they regret saying, why did I believe their sound too good to be true claims? And traders make same mistakes again and again. Because these sellers are professionals I tell ya. No not professional Forex traders, they are professional writers.

They are really good at writing near perfect sales page for an okay Forex robot or even a junk EA robot. They even show false trade result on their page. How do I know?

One time I purchased an EA robot for around $300. Their trade results were amazing, they had profit from most major currency pairs. But when I open the manual, it said "This EA is optimized for EUR/USD only".

I was getting frustrated by these junk EA robots sold at high price. I do not care what their claims are anymore. I just need one system that works.

  • Want a "real" system that generates stable profit.
  • Do not want to stare at charts to trade.
  • Do not want to use any technical mambo jambo.
  • Want a system that works for me while I sleep.
  • Do not want to pay any monthly charge.

If you agree to any one of these conditions, please read on.

Trader Testimonial
I never knew this kind of system even existed. Thank you so much. I tried it and I was amazed by the results. I just copied your settings, and couldn't believe my eyes.

I just started real account with $1,000 and only after few days, I already have $300 profit. I did purchase several EA robot before but this is the only one I'm using right now.

Kenny Tran

Please see my forward trade results. Below is the result of real account I'm trading with real money. (It's NOT a Demo, it's NOT a back test.)

May 2010 Result

June 2010 Result

July 2010 Result

Let me repeat this again, these results are NOT demo nor back test. This is very important. My result is showing that this system works and it works NOW, not 2 years ago or last year.

Some EA robot sales page shows only back test results. Why? Because they are too afraid to test it on their own money!

Then how about the back test you may ask.
Here is the back test result of this system. This is from March 2009 to August 2008. In only 6 month of Auto Trade, it generated over 74,000 Pips!

Forex Sunrise Back test Result
Even if you traded in Mini account, you profited over $70,000!

You should know by now, how powerful this system, Forex Sunrise is. Compare with the Forex robot you purchased before or the one you are thinking to purchase. They may have similar or better back test results, but how about the forward test? Are they as confident as this system?

In addition, you can test this Forex system for FREE before you put down any money. This is unheard of, never seen offer for this kind of products.

First, please request a demo account and try it for FREE. I'm confident that you will love this system and use it for years to come.

Forex Sunrise Free Download

Let this be the end of your journey of search of successful Forex robot. If you have enough time and money, you can keep searching for the best system. If not, like me, this is the one.

It is up to you if you open this door to success or close this window and return to where you were before. Just remember, it is totally free to test.

Trader Testimonial
Thank you for providing support to such a computer novice like me. I finished all the settings successfully, now generating pretty good profit.

Jeanette Hernandez

It's been only a month since I started, but I already recover the loss from last year. Thank you.

Stephen Morris

What is this system all about?

I'm pretty sure all of you know the robots that work on VT Trader or MT4 (Meta Trader) Platform. For MetaTrader, the robot is called EA (Expert Adviser). This EA monitors the price movement and when certain condition is met, it shows signals on charts, in some cases it even execute the order for you.

All you have to do is, open an account with the broker that supports MT4 platform, add EA to Meta Trader, configure all the settings, then let it do the rest. It will trade for you while you sleep, work, travel or anything you do, it does not matter.

Set it once, and everything is automatic

This system is 100% automatic, once you set it then you can forget it. 24 hours a day, 6 days a week, you can keep collecting the profit without even lifting a finger.

But, there is one thing significantly different from EA robots. This system is in fact not a robot, but real professional forex traders from all over the world. Instead of robot working for you, real forex professionals trading for you. Usually this kind of system costs you hundreds and thousands of dollars, but this system right here charges you NO monthly fees. Totally free!

Please see this result from this system. This is just one day result of July 2nd. I deposited $2,000 on July 1st and the very next day I made over $400 profit. Isn't this amazing?

July 2nd Forex Sunrise Result
* Above result is in US dollars, traded with Mini account.

Isn't it well worth trying such a system? Deposit $2,000, then you can start profiting up to $400 a day without doing anything on your part?

For such a great return, what did I do? Hmmm actually nothing. I didn't look at the chart. I didn't touch my computer. My computer was not even on.

It does not matter even if you work full time, go to school, need to go vacation, sick in bed, or even if you are in space, anyone can do this. Whatever you say not to try this system, it is just a excuse. Anywhere in the world, if you have one time access to internet, it's all you need. You don't need the computer if you cannot afford it, because once you set it, it is 100% autopilot.

How to start Forex Sunrise.

  1. Open an account with any broker that supports this system.
  2. Make deposit to this account.
  3. Setup this system.
  4. Then collect the profit.
  5. Then smile. Really thats all it is.

Think this. There are tons of Forex traders trading everyday, but only handful is succeeding with millions of dollars profit. Then why not let them trade it for you?

Do you have time to learn the Forex and Financial market from scratch? Do you have time to learn all technical index and economic calendars? Do you have time and money to research and create your own strategy? If you answered yes to these questions, honestly I do not understand why you are reading this page...

I'm sure most answered no, that's why we are searching for the proven successful forex method/robot, right?

- OK, I tried the signal service, you know you receive the signal in email then you trade it. Didn't work.

- I tried the manual that explains this and that and find the entry point by myself. It didn't work neither.

- I attended a seminar which tried to sell the system for $3,000, and it is not even automatic! I'll pass on that.

- I tried several EA robots. The result? Not astonishing. With one robot, I almost lost everything, well demo money that is.

Then what's next? It seems we all tried everything available online, isn't it? There's one more. Here comes Forex Sunrise. Let the Forex Professional do the work for you.

Trader Testimonial
This system is unbelievable! I did too purchase many forex products online, and none worked like this system. If I haven't visited this page, I would still be searching for the better forex robot. Thank you for sharing this great system.

Dick Powell

It is totally FREE to try and see it for yourself. There's nothing to lose but everything to gain. Your success starts here.

Forex Sunrise Free Download

So did you try?

Are you sure?

So how much does it cost, you may ask. =)

It is totally FREE. =0

Yes, you heard it right. It is free, no charge, Zero, Zip, Zilch, Nada.

Then how is this system functioning? There is only one rule. You need to open the account with the affiliated broker. Everytime trade is executed, commission is collected and payed to this system and the professional forex trader. It is simple. No upfront cost to you.

By adopting such a business model, it brings all of us a Win Win situation.

If you don't succeed, we don't succeed. In order for this system to work, we want as much as traders possible, and stay with this system as long as possible.

See, it is totally different from other Forex products available online. Other products don't care if you succeed or not, as long as you buy it and collect the money from you.

Don't you have forex products that sit on your computer, never used for the real trade? I have... not 1 or 2, but many.

Let this be the end of search. Best of all, it is available at no cost to you. Imagine how much of a profit you can generate from this system.

July 2nd Forex Sunrise Result
* Above result is in US dollars, traded with Mini account.

100% Auto Trade System Forex SunriseThis offer may end anytime soon.

It is Free... for now. This may change anytime soon. Other similar trading platform is charging you $3,000 to start and $100 monthly fees.

If you haven't done so, act now and request this system for FREE while it is still available.


Forex Sunrise Free Download

On July 2nd, there was a profit of $432 in just 1 day.
July 2nd Forex Sunrise Result

On July 23rd, there was a profit of $354 in just 1 day.
July 23rd Forex Sunrise Result

On August 20th, there was a profit of $447 in just 1 day.
August 20th Forex Sunrise Result
* Above result is in US dollars, traded with Mini account.

This is the results of trading only one mini lot per trade. NOT a back test, NOT a demo result. You will soon be generating similar profit using this system. Your success starts here.
Forex Sunrise



Q. Do I have to use a specific broker in order to use this system?
A. Yes, you need to open an account with one of the broker that supports this system.

Q. What currency pair does it trade with?
A. As you can see from my results above, it trades with many different currency pairs.

Q. What time frame does it trade in?
A. There is no need to concern about the time as the system does the work for you 24/6.

Q. How much do I need to start trading using this system?
A. You can open an account with as little as $25 (FXCM). You can trade with Micro, Mini or Standard lot size.

Q. Does my computer have to be on all the time?
A. No. All the settings are done through Internet Browser such as IE, Firefox or Chrome. The system works for you while your computer is on or off.

Q. What operating system does it support?
A. It does not matter what operating system you have as long as you can access the Internet through Internet Browser. You can use it on Windows, Mac or even on Linux.

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